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Aqua-Terra Supply Co. Limited

KSD’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Aqua-Terra Supply Co. Limited (“ATS”) and its group of companies of diverse capabilities, is a leading consumable products and service providers. The services provided by ATS Group include, the testing and fabrication of slings, servicing of turbo-charges, NDT, logistics, turnkey and project management, mooring system design, shipbuilding refurbishment, reconditioning and engineering. Some of the brands and agencies represented by ATS Group includes, Crosby (lifting gears), Goodyear (floating hoses), MacDermid (Sub-sea fluids), Ridgid (hand tools), Usha Martin (steel wire ropes) and others. Other products represented by ATS Group include, anchors, anchor chains, deck equipment, hydraulic winches and many other marine and offshore related products and parts.