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principal activities

Our principal activities include:

Capital Equipment Business

KSES' move into the oil and gas capital equipment & related projects market positions it to capture the demand for increased efficiency and more productive exploration and production equipment. With an expected rise in oil and gas exploration and production activity in the region, this need is accentuated by the ageing global rig related equipment.

In supplying parts and equipment to a wide network of oil majors, rig owners and drilling contractors over the last 30 years, KS Energy have established close working relationships with them. Its in depth knowledge of the condition and availability of their vintage capital equipment allows it to fulfill demand for specific capital equipment by procuring and refurbishing these used equipment.

KS Energy strengthened its unique business model of providing refurbished capital equipment in the last few years by recruiting suitable talent to boost the management and technical capabilities as well as acquiring numerous companies to enhance its engineering capabilities and improve our product offering.

To-date, KS Energy has secured quite few capital equipment related contracts from major oil companies in Asia, Scandinavia, North America as well as the Middle East. All completed projects were successfully finished on time and within budget, earning its a proven track record in the industry. KS Energy will continue to leverage on its competitive advantage to capitalise on business opportunities in the global market.

The completion of capital equipment projects and the subsequent chartering of some of these assets will expand the existing base of long term contracts with recurring contributions to group revenue and income. In the current year, KS Energy will continue to support its customers around the world with new capital equipment related projects.

Distribution Business

KS Distribution Pte Ltd (“KSD”), a subsidiary of KS Energy Limited, is a seamlessly integrated one-stop service provider for customers from the oil & gas, marine & offshore, petrochemical, green energy, mining and other industries. Headquartered in Singapore, it has offices in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Thailand, the UAE and Vietnam. KSD distributes over 60,000 line items comprising more than 300 international brands.

With a workforce in excess of 800 across 10 countries, KSD is in an excellent position to tap into the economic growth of the Asian countries in the years ahead. KSD is committed to providing valuable and quality products and services to its customers from the different countries and across different industries. This is made possible through KSD’s emphasis on continuous training and skills upgrading of its workers and managers, as well as its excellent partnership with its principals, the majority of which have been with KSD for many years.

To enhance its product and service offering, KSD continues to explore vigorously for new product agencies globally and to work closely with all principals to deliver more values to its customers.